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A Clock to Tick Off All Your Requirements

From the geometric forms of contemporary design to the sophisticated stylings of a timeless classic; there are quirky clocks available that harmonise with all manner of home decor design.

Waking Wonder

From the traditional design of twin bell alarm clocks to artistic wonders of modern design, the styles available to cease your snooze are ample. However, considering understated features - such as a silent movement – may contribute more towards restful sleep than an appealing appearance.

Encouragingly Colourful
Children’s bedroom clocks, perhaps, need to satisfy the most criteria; combining decor compatible design with intrigue and clarity. A rich design featuring distinct digits and large vivid hands will grasp their attention and encourage their time telling abilities.

Browse Our Quirky Clocks Browse Our Quirky Clocks Take a browse through the fantastically funky clocks Kwerks offer. From a classically clean silver alarm clock to colourfully characterful children’s clocks.
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Book Design Table Clock Book Design Table Clock This cunningly creative table clock is designed in the style of three books and would look amazing sat amongst the literature on any bookshelf.
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Table Top Tick Tock
Whether you’re wanting to give your office desk a trendy makeover or looking to add a touch of sophistication to a mantel; desktop clocks range from unassumingly useful to lavishly loud. A retro flip clock encased in natural wood will sit spectacularly alongside your selection of stationery.

Mounted Magnificence
Arguably the most popular and versatile class of timepiece - wall mounted clocks. Designed for suitably ranging from a living room wall to a kitchen timer; your options can be deliciously diverse. An enormous brass clock, for example, can become a glorious focus piece, whereas the subtlety of a hands only unit provides a clean contemporary feature.

In addition to selecting a suitably stylish clock; you need to ensure that build quality and reliability also meet requirements. Loyalty towards the renowned brands, such as Karlsson Clocks and Newgate Clocks, may ensure dependability; but smaller providers may allow themselves a little more creativity in terms of expression through their designs.


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