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Kwerks Cookie Policy

Seyden Limited, trading as Kwerks / Kwerks.co.uk (referred to as "we”, “us”, “our”) use cookies and similar technology on our website. This cookie policy details what cookies are, how we use them, and how to manage them. By visiting our website with your browsing device settings adjusted to accept cookies you confirm that you wish to make use of the services provided by our website and that you consent to our use of cookies and similar technologies.

Cookies are small, unique files that are transferred from a website to your browsing device to store information. Cookies, and their stored information, can be accessed by either the website or by the browsing device. This enables the website to deliver an enhanced browsing experience by tailoring the website to a specific user; it also enables the website to provide certain functionality that may be essential in providing its service.

We use cookies to enable us to perform both essential and user related services such as adding items to your basket, logging in, analytics, checking out, and more. Without the use of cookies, the checkout process, for example, would fail to function and you would not be able to purchase anything from our website.

The settings on your browsing device may be altered to provide notification prior to cookies being set, stop cookies being set or disable cookies entirely. How these settings are altered depends on the type of browsing device you are using, and its browsing software. Most browsing software will have a Help feature that will detail how you can view and alter these settings to suit your requirements. Alternatively, online documentation and help files may be available for your browsing device containing details on how to manage cookies. Please note that should you refuse to consent to cookies being used, certain parts of our website will not function correctly or may not be available entirely.

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