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Enrich Your Office Environment
Whether at home or in the workplace, your office is an area in which you spend a large portion of your day. Surely it makes sense, therefore, to try and make the most of that space; not only in terms of practicality but also in comfort and style. There are many ways for you to achieve this marvellous mix of comfort and creativity, from subtle to extravagant changes.

Fab Photos
Why not develop a dashing desk display with a multi aperture photo frame? Or, if you prefer, a scattered selection of smaller single frames? Either way, showcasing an assortment of your favourite family photographs can help bring a little comfort to your workspace.

Light Relaxation
Working from home, it can be beneficial to have a clear distinction between duty and domesticity. If you’ve turned a spare room into a home office, then the lighting can be more suited to dozing than doing. A carefully selected desk lamp can combine style with the brightness.

Shrewd Storage
Cleverly containing the tools of your trade can help keep your workstation well-ordered; letting your mind focus on the task at hand. However, astutely arranging apparatuses can serve for more than just organisation; a perky pen pot can put a smile on your face every time you stretch for the scissors.

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Watch the Clock
Whether you use the office clock to keep your precisely planned day proceeding with pinpoint precision - or simply to survey as it excruciatingly edges, ever slower, towards 5pm; the choice of clock is an important decision in the styling of your work environment. From a silent movement, allowing full concentration, to a dainty desktop delight to add subtle style – choose a clock that suits as you “tick” off your to-do list.

Power Plant
Bringing a little greenery into the office can greatly help to improve the space, in more than one way. A pleasing little plant pot sustaining a small shrub will give you more than just something to look at; it can also purify the air and is generally conducive to a better working atmosphere.

Fab Phone
If a drearily drab desk phone is an unfortunate feature of your office area, why not divert the dullness and switch it for something more imaginative. A vibrantly coloured 60’s style phone has all the function as well as the pleasure it brings as you reach for the receiver.

From quirky storage solutions to classic clocks, there are numerous ways you can shape your space to suit your style; whilst simultaneously serving to support you in dealing with your daily duties.

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