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10/04/2020kwerks, blog, childrens, toys, science kit, dinosaur excavationBeat the BoredomLengthy periods of being together at home, from long weekends to school holidays, can swiftly turn into a challenge. Continually conjuring up new ideas and activities, especially for children, can be difficult. Thankfully, there are many interesting activities to fill the time with fun and to help beat the boredom.Read More02/12/2019kwerks, blog, blue, homeware, accessories, decor, kitchenware, tablewareBring Blue in From the ColdAlthough previously well desired, blue home accessories and decor have been shunned in recent years for sunnier tones and glossy metals. Now however, with stylish sophistication, sumptuous shades of blue are making an impact on interior style selections. Keep your mind far from glum thoughts that invoke pictures of dark dreary walls and their deep depressing accompaniments, moving towards visions of more modern and lavish settings. With the vast variety of blue homeware that you have available to choose from, combined with the diverse array of shades of blue on offer, you can inject your home with a boost of the blue trend quite effortlessly.Read More25/01/20192019, New Year, Trends, Homeware, Home Accessories, Kitchen Accessories, Matte Black, Plants, Seventies, Industrial, GemetricsQuirky Interior Decor Trends For 2019As one year unerringly fades to the next like fireworks dissolving into the black night sky; an overwhelming impulse for change takes hold. The exhilarating hunger for revolution that accompanies a fresh new year stretches into the home; stirring ideas for majestic new designs. Among the envisaged style trends expected to unfold in 2019 are Geometrics and Industrial metals. We’ll cast forward our thoughts on these homeware trends and more; deducing how best to incorporate them into your current home decor schemes - without the need for mass overhaul.Read More17/12/2018Clocks, Quirky, Children's Clocks, BlogA Clock to Tick Off All Your RequirementsEnsuring reliability and that quality standards are met is doubtless a rudimentary step on the way to choosing the perfect clock. Subsequent to procuring dependability, you can look towards the type of timepiece that will best fulfil your requirements; from quirky wall clocks to traditional alarm clocks. Selecting the ideal placement will then open you up to the world of style choices; leaving you to finally select something suitable that will sit satisfactorily alongside your home decor designRead More12/10/2018Chindrens Decor, Childrens, Nursery, Baby Room, Wall Stickers, Wall Art, Colourful, Characterful, Kids, ToddlerCharmingly Choice Childrens DecorWith the huge bounty of quirky children’s room decorations available, putting together the pieces of a successfully stylish design can be an exciting task. So, whether you are shaping a room to delight a baby, captivate a toddler or enthuse a teenager; there are an ample amount of imaginative items to create a splendid space.Read More30/08/2018white homeware, white Clocks, white Dining, white Lighting, white Furnishings, white Bedroom, white Office, white Kitchen, white Photo Frames, white Vases, white Plant Pots, white Wall Art, white Cushions, white Fruit Bowls, white Wine Racks, white Utensils, white Tableware, white Kitchen Decor, white Storage, white Door Stops, white Bookends, white Candles, white PhonesDeliciously Delicate Decor DelightsWith fuller colours featuring more prominently in current schemes of decoration; the need to accessorise with a sensitive delicacy, in terms of colour, has arisen. Using white and more neutrally shaded home accessories is an ideal way to deliver an effortless elegance; accompanying the boldest of colour schemes with style.Read More13/04/2018Bitten Design, Homeware, Home Accessories, Quirky, Pineapple Plant Pot, Pan and Coaster Set, Balloon Dog Lamp, Sweet Tooth Jar, Dinosaur Plant PotBitten Design - Delightfully DifferentBitten design are specialists in quirkily creative home accessories; inspired by some of the most imaginative designers they consistently conceive fresh ideas for uniquely attractive homeware items with an abundance of character.Read More22/03/2018children's ride on cars, children's pedal cars, vintage toy, classic, cars, motoringResplendent Retro Ride On CarsVintage styled children’s ride on pedal cars offer all manner of enjoyment whilst simultaneously stimulating the imagination. Whether exuding the elegance of 1920s motoring or fulfilling fantasies of flight, quirky children’s ride on pedal cars are among the most magnificently magical gifts a child might hope to have.Read More07/03/2018man cave, decor, accessories, homeware, lighting, photo frames, phones, planters, clocks, wall art, furnishingsA Most Magnificent Man CaveProducing a perfect man cave requires a combination of personality, function, style, and fun - when it comes down the final additions choosing the right decor and accessories will elevate your room from acceptable to astonishing.Read More22/02/2018Yellow homeware, yellow Clocks, yellow Dining, yellow Lighting, yellow Furnishings, yellow Bedroom, yellow Office, yellow Kitchen, yellow Photo Frames, yellow Vases, yellow Plant Pots, yellow Wall Art, yellow Cushions, yellow Fruit Bowls, yellow Wine Racks, yellow Utensils, yellow Tableware, yellow Kitchen Decor, yellow Storage, yellow Door Stops, yellow Bookends, yellow Candles, yellow PhonesHello YellowWhen it comes to selecting colours for your home, yellow is one of the most versatile. Offering unparalleled levels of freshness and optimism, yellow makes the perfect match for your neutral of choice. Kwerks range of quirky yellow home accessories and decor delights will make your home warm and sunny.Read More14/02/2018Alessi, Homeware, Kitchen Accessories, Utensils, Dining, KitchenwareAlessi - Contemporary Kitchen ConnoisseursItalian homeware company, Alessi, specialises in producing high quality kitchen accessories, With a focus on creatively contemporary design. Their collaboration with artistically accomplished designers has led them to produce a delectably diverse selection of award winning dining accessories and kitchen utensils.Read More06/02/2018Wonderfully Weird Wall ArtOne of the simplest and most cost effect ways of rejuvenating your home decor is with the addition of some sensibly selected wall art. With such a vast and varied expanse of wall stickers available, encompassing an enormously diverse assortment of colours, styles, and figures; wall stickers are difficult to ignore. Read More25/01/2018office, workplace, desk, organiserEnrich Your Office EnvironmentWhether at home or in the workplace, your office is an area in which you spend a large portion of your day. Surely it makes sense, therefore, to try and make the most of that space; not only in terms of practicality but also in comfort and style. There are many ways for you to achieve this marvellous mix of comfort and creativity, from subtle to extravagant changes.Read More08/01/2018kwerks, quirky, quality, tested, inspected, satisfaction, high standardQuirky and QualityIt can sometimes be difficult, when buying online, to make judgement on the quality of an item. As you can’t physically get hold of a product to scrutinise the materials used and their assembly - you are reliant on the images and description to decide. The last thing you want is to receive your order and have it fall apart within days. Products available on the Kwerks website have been selected in line with a particular vetting procedure; this ensures that only the highest quality of quirky items make it to sale. On top of this, when the items are listed on our site, we take measures to ensure you can easily assess the quality yourself; before you choose to purchase.Read More04/01/2018Kwerks, Secure Shopping, Safe, Protected, EV SSL, Data Protection, TrustedKwerks - A Reassuringly Secure SiteAs a consumer using any website, one of the first concerns is ensuring the site is genuine and that any sensitive information shared is treated as such. That is why we have taken numerous measures in ensuring the Kwerks website is secure - allowing you to browse and buy with confidence.Read More15/12/2017Kwerks, blodg, articles, homeware, garden, children's, gifts, personalised, quirkyWelcome to the Kwerks BlogWelcome to the spanking new Kwerks blog! – My name is Sadie and I have been assigned the delightful duty of offering my most creatively quirky thoughts for you to enjoy - Thoughts that will hopefully interest, enlighten, and delight in equal measure! The Kwerks blog isn’t a brazen billboard designed just to push our products - I will use it to provide you with genuine insight into our world. A cheeky peek into the tastes and trends behind the exceptionally exciting offerings we have and the way we operate in bringing them into your stylish homes. Read More
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