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Quirky and Quality
It can sometimes be difficult, when buying online, to make judgement on the quality of an item. As you can’t physically get hold of a product to scrutinise the materials used and their assembly - you are reliant on the images and description to decide. The last thing you want is to receive your order and have it fall apart within days.

Products available on the Kwerks website have been selected in line with a particular vetting procedure; this ensures that only the highest quality of quirky items make it to sale. On top of this, when the items are listed on our site, we take measures to ensure you can easily assess the quality yourself; before you choose to purchase.

Renowned Brands
By stocking products from some of the most sought-after brands, you can be sure of the quality. You know from experience that these brands are continually turning out high-grade goods; for example, names such as Joseph Joseph and Umbra are synonymous with quality.
Joseph Joseph Joseph Joseph Among the brands well known for high class products is Joseph Joseph. Offering a wide range of useful quirky kitchen accessories and utensils.
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Umbra Umbra Another brand associated with quality goods is Umbra. Offering a varied range of uniquely styled items from Photo frames to coat hooks.
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Great Guarantee

If a manufacturer can supply products with a decent length of warranty, then it means that they have confidence in their product performing as expected, well into its lifespan. This shows us that their offered selection is worth considering for our site and we can look at the items in more detail.

Favourable Feedback
Before choosing to stock a new brand or line of products, we try and consider how well their items have been received elsewhere. If we see plenty of positive feedback, then we can look to the next stage of approval.

Hands On
Where possible, we like to physically get hold of a product, here at Kwerks, so that we can give a thorough test and assessment of its quality. This is the best way to be confident that an item is of a satisfactory standard, suitable enough to add to our range.

Plenty Pictures
To make it easier for you to assess the quality of an item for yourself, we try to include as many images as we can on a product listing. By having several large images, from various views and surroundings, you get a more vivid impression of the product itself. This can help you to better judge the size, proportions, colour, materials, and suitability before you buy.

Vivid Descriptions
In addition to the images, we try to include as much information as we can in our product descriptions. If possible, we try to detail at least: the materials, colours, dimensions, suitability, and item contents. This further equips you with the information needed to confidently click the add to basket button.

We hope that these measures make choosing a product from our range as clear as possible. By selecting the highest quality products then displaying them in as much vivid detail as we can; we increase the likelihood that you will be satisfied with your purchase. This results in the ideal situation for both parties – reduced effort and cost for us in returns – and happy customers receiving quality items exactly as expected.

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