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Quirky Interior Decor Trends For 2019

January, the docking destination for the ocean liner of last year, allowing all eager voyagers disembarkation to the bracing crispness of anticipation that comes with a fresh year. This stirring eagerness for the novel then reaches into the home, into the world of interior decor, the domain of homeware and colour schemes; bringing exciting new ideas for style and design along with it.

Going Green
The tendency towards green moves beyond the capabilities of paint alone; indoor plants are set to grow in 2019. Connecting your home to the outdoors delivers a fresh earthy feel; whilst the abundance of variety available will make for some interesting design decisions. Don’t forget your plant pots.

Sophisticated Seventies
Succeeding the sown seeds of seventies decor from last year; the full flourishing flower is likely to burst onto the home decor scene. Couple that with a move towards antiques and retro from artisan pieces; and you can create some very suave 70s settings.

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Stick Geometric
Geometrics have recently been on the periphery of style selections, sticking mainly to small accessories and the odd home furnishing. 2019, however, is the year for these perfect patterns to make their advance towards the forefront of interior design.

Back Matte Black

Another trend whose budding beginnings were witnessed in 2018, matte black. Seizing ground from the grey of preceding years, the burgeoning demand will see it employed everywhere from matt black home accessories to larger items of furniture.

New Nickel
Gold’s takeover from the prevalent copper craze of recent years is expected to dwindle. Giving way, as it does, to home accessories in less lustrous, Industrial metals such as gunmetal, pewter and satin nickel.

Sustaining a stylish home does not necessarily call for a yearly overhaul. The addition of a few fresh furnishings or homeware accessories will bring a feeling of rejuvenation. For example, combining the tropical trend of the last few years with some suitably selected house plants can provide a particularly pleasing parallel.


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