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Welcome to the Kwerks Blog!
Welcome to the spanking new Kwerks blog! – My name is Sadie and I have been assigned the delightful duty of offering my most creatively quirky thoughts for you to enjoy - Thoughts that will hopefully interest, enlighten, and delight in equal measure!

The Kwerks blog isn’t a brazen billboard designed just to push our products - I will use it to provide you with genuine insight into our world. A cheeky peek into the tastes and trends behind the exceptionally exciting offerings we have and the way we operate in bringing them into your stylish homes.

After a swift gathering to share thoughts, we decided upon various ideas for posts that will rouse your curiosity, among them are some of the below:

Style Guidance
We hope to help, should you need a little assistance, in achieving a desired style - from the latest colours encasing clocks to the most novel ways to display your photos. So, don’t tiptoe atop the trends with trepidation; let us inspire you to assuredly assert the hottest styles on your home style.
Kwerks HQ
Curious about what we get to up to day-to-day here at Kwerks? I will give a glimpse into how we work to keep our product range fresh, the warehouse stocked and the extent our team reaches to ensure you are sufficiently satisfied with our service.

Our Picks
As well as giving general style tips and info, there are certain products that come along and are so fantastic that we just need share the brilliance. We will post about these specially selected treasures and forthcoming collections so you don’t miss out.

On the Road
You can keep track of us when we are fortunate enough to get out of the office – so whilst we are enjoying the delicious displays at the latest design show, you can read all about it.

Discounts and Giveaways
If you can save money, or better, get something free – wouldn’t you like to know? Indeed, you would! We will be offering exclusive discount promotions throughout the blog, so you can save on the style.

Perfect Presents
Whether you are stuck for ideas on a brilliant birthday gift, quirky Christmas present or a top toy for a tiny tot – we will be offering guidance on the best buys for glorious gift giving.

This is the start of an exciting expedition and if you are as excited as we are then please feel free to get involved – you can share ideas, requests, improvements, thoughts, and suggestions with us on hello@kwerks.co.uk. So, let’s combine the creativity and keep quirkiness coming.


Curious to learn more about Kwerks? Curious to learn more about Kwerks? If you want to know more about Kwerks, then why not take a look at our rather informative About Us page?

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